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We work with small businesses and tech start up to help with lead generation, marketing campaigns and events.

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Bright ideas for blossoming businesses

If you’re a small business or a tech startup, the right marketing can help you reach the next level. So why not choose an agency that specialises in promoting new businesses? With over 20 years’ experience in helping small enterprises grow, we’ve got the bright ideas and smart services you need.

We are the marketing arm of Smarty Software, a ground-breaking business automation tool for entrepreneurs. Our aim is to work as an off-site extension of your team, providing expertise in:

Lead generation

Lead generation

We use custom-built landing pages and magnet pages to put your products or services in front of the people that matter. These pages encourage and entice potential customers to submit their contact details, creating genuine leads that can be contacted later.

Appointment setting

Appointment setting

Contacting leads directly by phone, we inform potential customers about your offering and invite them to meet you in person. This results-driven service is ideal for bringing leads to meetings, demonstrations or e-consultancy sessions.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We offer range of services that can improve your digital marketing from email marketing, content marketing to SEO. Having worked with small businesses for many years we implement more useful services. 



Putting on webinars, seminars, and product launches can be a great way to attract business. We can help you plan and organise these occasions, and promote them so the right people come.

Tech Start-ups

Having come from a tech start-up background ourselves, we’re experts in this area. We’ve worked with many fledgling companies both locally and internationally, and our speciality is launching products in the UK market.

Digital marketing is an area where we really shine, and our approach is highly tailored to start-ups. Our knowledge of automation and digital innovation helps us turn casual internet users into customers, achieving tangible results while remaining cost-effective.

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Small Business

Whatever industry you’re in, we can help you attract local customers through lead generation and appointment setting services. Alternatively, if you need some digital marketing magic, we use the latest social media and content marketing techniques to reach your audience.


If you already know kind of marketing activities you want to do, we’ll execute your ideas intelligently. Or if you’ve got no clue about marketing, we’ll happily take an in-depth look at your situation and work out the best strategy for you.


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Our process

Our process

Everything starts with a free consultation, so we can get an idea of your current marketing and future goals. We then discuss potential solutions and strategies, including service packages we offer. Don’t worry if your business has a limited budget for marketing – you can choose from various levels of support from us.

Next, we create and implement a plan of action with a focus on results. Everything we do is logged and analysed, so we can report back to you and optimise the work we do for you.


We decided that the best plan of action was a microsite and email marketing campaign. The process happened faster than I expected, and we now have a steady stream of customers coming in, purely as a result of the emails. I’ve learnt a lot about digital media in the process, and I’ll definitely be using Smarty in the future, and recommending them to others.

Eva Dudek, Operations Director, B&F Services

Pricing and Plans

See our top-selling packages. We offer many bespoke services and a lot more packages, please contact us for more information on 44(0)203 637 4716.

Marketing Storm

£ 1,300+VAT
  • This package will provide you with a combination of our social media services and lead generation services as well as with the full Smarty account.

Marketing Programme

£ 250+VAT
  • We have been working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the last few years
  • and we found out that many struggle with implementing marketing in their business. We have therefore created a programme to meet needs of [non-marketing] business owners and start-ups. Join now and watch your business grow for only £250 a month.

Lead Storm

£ 900+VAT
  • Through our attractive landing pages and magnet pages we will increase the visibility of your products on the online market which will lead to increasing number of potential clients. We will also help you generate number of leads
  • subscribers or clients. 

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Why choose us

Smart Marketing helps companies attract clients and grow sales. Start-ups need a marketing process that works-not a collection of fluffy, pointless metrics. We build scalable marketing practices and help manage your growth strategy in a cost-effective, manageable way.

We save you time

If you’re a small organisation or one-man band, your resources are limited. By letting us handle your marketing, you’ll get better results and free up time to do what you’re best at.

We’re all about results

No wishy-washy marketing practices here. We know every penny of your budget counts, so we’re always performance-focused.

We deliver up-to-date ideas and innovations

We’re start-up specialists and software front-runners, so we know the latest techniques and technologies that successful companies are using.

Some fun facts

3 amazing fun facts about our happy clients
  • Number of lead generated

Number of lead generated

We’ve generated hundred thousands of leads for our happy clients

  • Number of sent emails

Number of sent emails

We’ve sent milions of emails on behalf of our clients

  • Delegates Attending our events

Delegates Attending our events

We’ve organised dozens of events and product launches with many happy delegates

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